Ok... still not convinced?
Let Oly breeze through the facts


Close the door on drying sheets.


Cramped apartments mean either using a dryer (which leaves crisp sheets all crinkled, and racks up the energy bill). Or hanging for dear life over doors and furniture, cramping your style.


Whiter than white.
None of that ghostly grey.


Over time, textiles, especially bedding (you sleep in them for one third of your life after all!) lose their brightness. Who has time for home soaking and scrubbing? Oly keeps himself in tip top shape and brighter than bright.


Prices so good, there's no hiding
behind the pillow.


Buying great sheets that last can be quite the investment. If you launder them regularly it can cost a heap! And if you don't, the time it takes you can be spent on more rewarding things in life. Plus, you can cancel anytime.


Hotel quality isn’t always stylish. Oly,
however, is always dressed to impress.


Oly, born from the finest of threads. 400 thread count, long staple, 100% certified Egyptian cotton. Conceived in England. Forged in Egypt. Giving Oly the style and substance only a rich multi-cultured background can give. He’s a no frills type of guy. A lover of minimalism with pops of character.


Never own sheets again. Never get crushed by overflowing cupboards again.


Owning sheets can be a pain - you have to store them, keep them bright, iron them if you like them just right and then they get old. With Oly Sheet you don't have any of the pain and you always have perfect sheets.

Grab a spot in the trial – hurry before they vanish!

£24 per exchange, or £1.70 a day.
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